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Number Construction Company Name Construction Subject
11 Daerim Industry Co., Ltd Jeongneung Daerim E-Pyeonhan World Site
10 Punglim Construction Wolgot 2nd Phase Site
9 Doosan Construction Co., Ltd Suwon We've Sky APT Site
8 Hanla Construction Wonju Hanla University Dormitory Site
7 Joongang Construction Yangjae-dong Yangil Elementary School Site
6 Sejong Construction Co., Ltd Dongseon-dong Sejong Grancia APT Site
5 Ilshin Construction & Housing Co., Ltd. Gyohwa-dong Ilshin Construction & Housing Hu’manville APT Si…
4 SH Corporation Gumi Hyungok Redevelopment Site
3 Hyundai Construction Taereung Seoul Women's University Dormitory Site
2 Hanil Development Co., Ltd Dangsan-dong Hyosung B/D New Construction Site
1 Daeju Construction Co., Ltd Siheung Daeju Fiore APT Site